Types of Wills

Types of Wills

Will is legal document that is written by the testator which has information and details how executor would distribute the property among loved ones of demised person. There are many types of wills. Some of them are:

Joint Wills:
Joint wills are prepared by two people or partners together. The will that husband and wife prepare together is joint will. According to joint will, assets will be passed to the living spouse if one of them will die. Although they are easy to prepare, a surviving spouse could not pass the assets of the dead spouse to their stepchild if he or she marries again.

Living Wills:
Living wills consist of last wishes that you want to fulfill when you are near to death. It is prepared when a person is severely ill and he or she could not speak. However it is important that will consist of such wishes and things that meet state’s laws and medical policies as well.

Holographic Wills:
Although they are not as popular as they were in past, holographic wills exist today as well. They are handwritten wills. They have the signature of the dying person. Holographic wills are the last wills that people create in terrible situation like soldier during fight. In most of the cases, they are created by the person when he or she is extremely ill and know that they won’t live any more.

Nuncupative Wills:
Unlike living and joint wills, nuncupative wills are announced aloud. The testator does not write. They are made and created when a person is severely ill that he or she can leave the world at anytime. However some states and countries do not accept spoken wills.

Simple Wills:
Simple wills are created and prepared simply and easily. They do not have any clauses and rules. A person can write about division of property in the wimple wills and tell the people who would be the executor and witness of it. However, it is important that it should be signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses at least.

Will is a legal document that entails how the property and assets would be divided among loved ones of demised person. There are many kinds and types of wills. Many of the experts of wills in UAE can assist you to prepare any sort of will. Besides, you can consult Abu Dhabi wills agencies.