Quality Things to Know About Safety Shoes

Quality Things to Know About Safety Shoes

Safety shoes should protect your feet from harmful impact, but what do you look for? Here are a few things to consider before buying a pair of safety shoes from safety shoe suppliers in Dubai. First, look for Met guards, Steel caps, and Non-metallic toe caps. And if you can, look for slip-resistant soles. These factors can make a difference between the quality of your footwear and your safety.

Met guards:

When you choose safety shoes, you will want to buy a pair with met guards. Met guards are made of formed plastic and protect the top of the foot, called the metatarsal region. These boots are great for heavy industries and will prevent you from getting injured by molten or burning materials that could penetrate your foot. Luckily, met guards also offer a very low impact rating and are less conspicuous than other safety footwear.

Non-metallic toe cap:

A non-metallic toe cap is a type of protection found on safety shoes made of a material other than metal. Composite toe caps, made of plastic, Kevlar, or carbon fiber, are also available. These materials are extremely light and will not set off metal detectors. A composite toe cap is also thin and lightweight. These shoes are a great option for those who need lightweight protection.

Steel cap:

There are two major types of toe caps: steel and composite. Although composite toe caps are lighter, steel toe caps offer better protection. They are recommended for heavy-duty jobs like moving and handling heavy materials. Steel toe caps are also heavier than composite ones. These toe caps are designed to prevent the wearer’s feet from absorbing weight if they fall. However, they are still not as comfortable as composite safety footwear.

Slip-resistant sole:

The slip-resistant sole on safety shoes plays an important role in protecting employees. To ensure that the safety shoes can withstand high-slip environments, they should have a highly durable non-slip sole. To ensure that the slip-resistant soles are durable, they must be high elasticity. A good safety shoe should have heat and impact resistance and elasticity that fits the shape of the foot. It should also be comfortable to wear and absorb moisture. Moreover, it should have a midsole, providing a braking effect when walking or changing feet. This feature prevents the wearer from slipping, allowing them to walk or change feet without the risk of injuries.