Top 4 Reasons to Install Tiles at Home

Top 4 Reasons to Install Tiles at Home

Before installing tiles in Dubai in your home, you must prepare the room properly. Typically, removing a carpet or vinyl can require a lot of work and create a lot of garbage. Additionally, you can’t use a sub-floor if the room has a wooden sub-floor. This is simple: the thinset doesn’t bond with plywood, and you need a cement board for the installation. Tile installation is also not suitable for sub-floors, as the cement in the mortar contains some nasty chemicals.


When selecting tiles for your home, you must consider the wear they will receive. High-traffic areas will take more punishment than other places, so make sure you choose resilient ones against wear and tear. Also, consider the aesthetic appeal of each material, as the durability of tile floors will vary from one area to another. For example, slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock, so it is prone to splitting into thin slabs. Despite its fragility as single tiles, slate tile floors are extremely durable once sealed. If they’re cared for properly, slate tile floors can last for years.

Design options:

When it comes to tile, your choices are endless. Not all of these designs have to be limited to the kitchen, bathroom, or floor. You can use tiles anywhere in your home – from a subway tile backdrop in the front hall to a metallic-sheen ceramic backsplash surrounding a beautiful ornate mirror. Your imagination only limits you! So, get creative! Here are some design options to consider:


When you purchase tiles online, you may pay less in sales tax, but you’ll also be responsible for shipping and delivery fees. You might also need additional materials and labor for the project. Plus, tile removal costs aren’t included. However, you may save a bundle by installing your tiles yourself! Here’s how. Read on for some tips on saving money while installing tiles at home. But be aware of the limitations of DIY tile installation projects.


One of the many benefits of tile flooring is its low maintenance. In addition to the ease of cleaning, tile is also resistant to dust and stains. The tile is easy to clean and can be swept up easily with a broom. Its grout lines can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, and regular scrubbing will help keep the tile floors looking great for years. You can learn how to take care of your tile floors in the following article.